Natalie and Sona met as teacher and student. After Sona moved to New York City from Seoul,
Natalie not only helped Sona with her schoolwork, but also helped to adjust to a new environment
by sharing the differences she experienced as an immigrant. While they talked about many things,
they quickly realized they have a passion for nail care and spent hours sharing the latest trends, tips, and nail artists.

Thanks to the power of the internet, they discovered so many talented artists,
but that was the problem–they could see it but not get it. So eight years later, Natalie and Sona reunited to create accessible, easy-to-use, and
clean stick-on gel manicures that unveil hidden artists around the world. In our quest to create a
new generation of at-home gel nails, we teamed up with Joanna, an award-winning nail artist
in Korea, and Jamie, an expert product developer in the world of K-beauty.

A team of four women was born for one mission: art at ease.
This is why we created “Eazel.” To make high-end nail art easily accessible using the best quality gels.
We want to be a frame for supporting artists, women, and the community.

We believe art is everywhere and enriches our daily lives. We’re excited to unveil artists who will use
your nails as their canvas and can’t wait to meet all of our art collectors!
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