Black Mini Dress collection

Inspired by the wardrobe essential black mini dress, this collection contains something for everyone and every aesthetic. These black nails run the gamut from bold and minimal to classic and sophisticated.

Margot's Mini Dress
Your nails deserve to dress up too! These chic, midnight black nails, accented with gold flakes, are the perfect accessory to make any look pop. Note: For optimal look, we recommend that your nails are at least 0.3 inches/8 mm long...
Bold but classic, just like the beloved Cruella de Vil herself. Slip into this simple black and white combo for an easy statement on any day.
Helmut Mini Black Dress
This classic piece will go with any fancy occasion you have to attend. Have to go to your sibling's graduation? Your friend's wedding? Prom? Formal? Name it, and these timeless nails will bring up the elegance to your outfit.
Molly's Sequinned Dress
Made for all the Bright Young Things, from the 1920s to the 2020s, this uniquely exciting pattern, combining black glitter and spots, will add polished glamor excitement to your days and nights.
Best Friend Bundle - Molly's Sequinned Dress & Spotted
Includes: Molly's Sequinned Dress & Spotted
$36.00 $27.00
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