Why Better Than That Bottle of A Nail Polish?


Quick Drying Time and No Chipping

With Eazel, drying time is nonexistent! No more worrying about leaving random marks in your polish or accidentally getting it on your white shirt. Your nail art is beautiful and secure with our gel stick-ons- there won’t be any errors in your nail design! Eazel nails don’t budge, smear, or stick after a simple 45 seconds of curing.
Classic nail varnish might seem simple, but it is also extremely easy to chip and flake. Nails shedding layers of polish? Not a good look. Eazel semi-cured gels are not only much more chip resistant than traditional polish, but they also help protect your nail length, and prevent them from bending and cracking! If you are a clutz or are very hands-on in life, traditional polish may last you but a few days. Our gels are probably a perfect fit for you, and will last so much longer while also looking fabulous. 

Salon quality

 If you’ve gotten your nails done at a salon before, you know how a set of nails can make you feel like a whole new person. There's just something about nails that look GOOD. Doing your own nails at home can sometimes be tedious, and you don’t even know if they’ll turn out well, nail techs make a lot of money for a reason. But the downside of always going to a salon is cost and time– two very valuable assets in our competitive world today. With Eazel you can absolutely have an at-home mani with salon-like quality. Your cuticles will be free of polish, your designs will be immaculate, and your nails will always make you feel put together. 


Women founded and directed

Eazel is women-founded and directed, and works to empower other females in the industry. We partner with ArtTable, which is the foremost professional organization which works towards advancing the leadership of women in the visual arts. In this partnership we give back to the female creative community, and invest in the future of women in art. Our collection Eazel x ArtTable automatically donates 5% of profits to ArtTable, when you invest in your own self-care, you also invest in a powerful movement to support women! As a female led brand we are conscious of our impact on other women and all our buyers. Our products receive our sincerest attention to bodily health, environmentally friendly packaging, and designs that inspire. 

Artistic inclination

Eazel’s initial goal was to bring art to the public space in an attainable manner– right into your hands. Our investment in the world of art can be seen through our semi-cured gel designs. Each collection is inspired by works of art and artists, bringing them and you closer together. 

Art lovers (and everyone who likes aesthetic things) will enjoy the delight of bringing art with you, wherever you go.

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