The Decade-Long Evolution of Nail Trends

Past Nail Trends

 From crackle nails to simple french nails, nail designs have been an immensely versatile expression of self. In just a decade, we’ve seen nail designs and trends evolve to an extent where there seems to be a new trend almost every season. 

Back in 2011, we saw the crackle nails boom, where nails were painted with a crackle effect or were treated with a top coat specifically designed to achieve this look. Then, in 2013, we saw the emergence of accent nails, specifically on the ring finger, where the ring finger was painted or designed differently from the rest of the nails. We still see iterations of this today! 2016 is when shiny, holographic nails made it to the trendy-status. But now, we see nail trends emerging almost every season, even every holiday!

Crackle nail photo:


Trends of Today

There have been countless trends that have taken the world of nail art by storm. Nowadays, we see people gravitating towards more minimalist looks, with different iterations of the french manicure coming back into trend,  in addition to designs, such as the jelly nails, inspired by K-beauty, as well as Hailey Bieber’s pearl-pink nails that have been coined as “the nails of the summer.” With minimalism taking a storm in the current decade, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people have eliminated any artsy designs altogether, but rather, the designs people seem to gravitate towards are more subtle, tasteful, and playful.

Hailey Bieber Nails:

Evolution of Nail Application

And beyond nail designs, we’ve seen an evolution of nail application methods over the past decade as well. Now, beautiful nails are not just born in a salon, but are accessible to people in the comfort of their own homes. This aspect of the nail industry has caused it to boom even further.  But often, DIY nails seem to lack in design variety and sometimes compromise the health of the nails.


Where Eazel Fits In

This is where Eazel is distinguished in delivering and ensuring all of the essential factors of DIY nails: aesthetic, safety, and convenience. Eazel provides semi-cured gel nails, coming in the form of already-designed nail strips, or stickers. These easy-to-apply gel nails provide distinguished chic looks in the form of an at-home manicure. With the Eazel semi-cured nail strips and our gel-curing lamp, Eazel provides a comfortable at-home gel nail experience. Beyond that, our nail strips and manicuring process preserve the health of the natural nail, making the nail removal process simple, painless, and damage-free. 

Eazel also keeps  up with the current nail trends, in addition to offering unique designs. Our vast array of designs range from sexy, fun, simple, and playful. With the variety Eazel offers in its scope of nail designs, there is certainly something for everyone, for any occasion! We keep up with seasonal trends, holiday trends, and more, to make sure that our nails are never out-of-date. Alongside a vast array of designs, Eazel delivers easy, non-damaging nail applications delivered right to your doorstep. 

No aspect of nail art and application should be compromised. This is how you can ensure that you have beautiful nails that are convenient and maintain your nails’ health with Eazel!

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