Eazel Tutorial and Tips: Semi-Cured Gel Nail Sticker


  First Experience with Eazel

We all remember the first time  we tried to do our own nails.  Disturbing neon colors, sticky  messes all over our cuticles,  and uneven coats of polish.  Some of us got better at it,  some of us just didn't and  preferred to pay to get our nails done. But after Covid-19 hit, those salons shut down to ease the spread of the pandemic. Now, two years into a pandemic lifestyle, we all are rethinking our life habits. How can we bring our normal experiences into the safety of our homes? Is it possible to save money while doing so? Can we be ecologically responsible consumers? Now, for the first time in two years I have salon quality nails, done within 20 minutes and right in my own home.

Eazel gel nails are an absolute delight, not only for those who don’t want to worry about the sanitary safety of a public salon, but also those who want beautiful nails for their busy lives. Eazel allows you to have creative DIY fun for $16 (should we mention the welcome discount here as well?), not being stuck to a single set of nails which cost anywhere from $50-$150 or more, With Eazel I can easily and affordably change my nails at home on a whim to match my mood or event with peace of mind that they are vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. 

I would consider myself to be fairly low maintenance with nail care. I’m a huge klutz and I am always doing things with my hands (volleyball, cooking, hiking, setting up photoshoots) so it’s really not worth the money for me to get them done in a salon when I know I will chip them or lose a nail within the week. That’s why Eazel is the perfect option for me: low commitment, artistic designs, and swift application.

My first experience with Eazel was so straightforward and easy, here’s a short tutorial and tips that I found handy after the application of my first set of gels.


What’s Inside?

Within the recyclable package you will find (1) a set of 24 semi-cured gels (to be used for a full mani pedi!), (2) alcohol prep pads, (1) nail file, (1) wood cuticle stick, and instructions. The instructions are clear, simple and easy to follow (pictures included for those of us who are visual learners) and if you still are nervous there is a plethora of information available on Eazel’s How-To page! The kit I chose to try out was Heartbreaker, a super cute take on a French mani: simple and elegant with a little twist! 

Nail curing lamps are sold separately, but they will be free with the first product purchase (steal!).

How Do I Do It?

I first made sure my nails were completely free of old polish residue with nail polish remover, then I went in with the alcohol pads to wipe away dust and oils that might be leftover. Then I found the right sized gel for my nail bed by putting my nail behind each gel to compare sizes. I found that you have to pick the gel that looks just slightly larger than your nail when flat on the sticker backing because you will need a little extra gel to fit the curve of your nail. Speaking of curvature, Eazel gels are outfitted with TaperFit technology to adhere to the curvature of your nails. This means that the center of the stick-on is plump to give you that 3D gel look while the edges are slimmer, and fit closer to your nail to prevent hair snagging, gel lift, and bacterial growth– nail health is a priority!

After matching sizes I peeled the gel from its backing and aligned the top edge with the center of my finger’s cuticle. Then I smoothed the gel down and outwards to avoid any trapped air bubbles. To make sure that everything was stuck down nice and snug, I took the wooden cuticle stick and used the flattened end to press down the edges of the gel. Using nail clippers I snipped the excess, and smoothed out the edge with the provided nail file.

Now comes the part that makes you feel like you’re at a real salon! I plugged in my little spaceship-like nail lamp, turned it on and let my gels cure under violet light for 45 seconds. This little lamp does the counting for you– there’s no need to  stress about keeping track of time! I finished off with a layer of topcoat (totally optional) for extra protection, and voila! Salon beautiful nails in an easy 30 minutes!

What’s the Verdict?

Fast, stress-free, and high quality are the first three adjectives that came to mind after finishing my nails. The edges of the gels aligned seamlessly with my nail, you could never tell (without a magnifying glass) that these are stick-on gels! They have the gloss, plumpness, and artistry of a salon quality gel for the cost of your next Sweetgreens salad–that’s a serious deal for a self care mani-pedi.

I’m super excited to try other nail art designs! There are so many beautiful options to pick from and try out. I’m thinking Frosé and Helix next! These are perfect summer colors for poolside cocktails or a sunny brunch with the girls.

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