• Nails For the Beach

    Nails For the Beach
     When it comes to the beach, all our digits are exposed, so, naturally, it’s time to get them all prepped and pretty for a fun day in the sun and sand! With Eazel you have a wide range of style to pick for each personality, and the best part? You can change up your look as much as you want without having to fuss...
  • Why Better Than That Bottle of A Nail Polish?
      Quick Drying Time and No Chipping With Eazel, drying time is nonexistent! No more worrying about leaving random marks in your polish or accidentally getting it on your white shirt. Your nail art is beautiful and secure with our gel stick-ons- there won’t be any errors in your nail design! Eazel nails don’t budge, smear, or stick after a simple 45 seconds of...
  • The Decade-Long Evolution of Nail Trends

    The Decade-Long Evolution of Nail Trends
    Past Nail Trends  From crackle nails to simple french nails, nail designs have been an immensely versatile expression of self. In just a decade, we’ve seen nail designs and trends evolve to an extent where there seems to be a new trend almost every season.  Back in 2011, we saw the crackle nails boom, where nails were painted with a crackle effect or were...
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